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Wednesday, 10 February 2010


Did you know that the first road side post boxes appeared in 1852 in the Channel Islands?
Did you know that wall boxes (like the one on the photo) were introduced only 5 years later? No?
Don’te worry i didn’t know either…so why am i taking about post boxes??

If i haven’t learned a lot in my life, I have learned one thing for sure – to take a day at a time, and sometimes a moment at a time…and there is one moment which is the most exciting part of each day…it’s when the post arrives. And it does in different ways and at different times. For example, when I was at the Pioneer Centre, it used to be dropped off at the main office at around 10.30am and you needed to go and pick up…it did change as the time went (and what doesn’t change?), when I lived in Cleobury the post came around 11 and sometimes midday which meant I needed to wait till I finsihed work to get it, in Birmingham (I lived there for 3-4 months) the post came at 11.30 every day…Pensnett – 12pm onwards, and now in Stourbridge – it’s still a mystery but the post comes!
So why am I so excited about receiving post? Well, it’s not only recieving but also sending it to people you love – letters, cards, packets…it’s showing them how much you love them and it doesn’t matter how far away you are at that moment.


The moment when you open a post box or go through tons of addressed to a number of different people post and then you find ‘an exciting post’. It come in different forms and sizes, sometime it can be damaged but you don’t care because it is not a bill or nobody is trying to sell you anything. It is simply a gift of love from someone who cares about you.

Before the ‘exciting mail’ is opened you study the handwriting and try to guess how far it might have come from…and then you open it and you’re gone from the present for 5, 10 or 15 minutes reading the news from an old friend, sister or a person who have lost contact with a long time ago…
After you’ve read your ‘exciting mail’ you can’t wait for some free time to return the exciting mail…it can happen straight away, or maybe a week or two later but it doesn’t really matter when, what does matter is how much joy and excitment and love you will give to the person when they receive mail and among all the boring stuff they will find an envelope with their name on.
This is why I am so so so exciting about receiving mail, so i know I am loved and so I can show my love to others…

Of course most of the time there are tiny dissapointments when you don’t receive anything apart from boring mail but that’s ok, because you have something to wait for the next day and it makes it even more exciting for that time…

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