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Tuesday, 16 February 2010


I just got back from detached session I do twice a week with the youth work project I volunteer for...basically a single session lasts for about two hors and we go around the estate and engaging with young people we 'randomly' meet on street...'randomly' only because we kind of know where thay might be hanging out...Detached in winter is not much fun as it's cold, and often rainy, and cold, and quiet - not may peoply are hanging out in a cold, and it's cold...if you know me, well, a little bit or very well, you know I don't really like cold...and yes I am from Poland and we do get -20C in winter back ther but it does not mean I can go outside in a Tshirt and shorts...I am cold...and usually I am ready for detached...ski socks, winter shoes, 3 hoodies or 5 layers of jumpers and a skii jacket...and I am still cold...so what happened today?

I was in a bit of a rush this afternoon and apart from detached I helped out with football session, which is for an hour and outside...then 1 hour 'break' and detached...so what happened?

Did I mention I was in a bit of a rush? I have no idea what I was thinking or if I even switched my brain on but as I got out of the car ready for the football session I had normal socks on, my converse trainers, which by the way I love very much and they need replacing but I think I love them too much...anyway :) normal socks, normal trainers skii jacket and underneath...1 hoodie!!!! ONE HOODIE!!! Seriously...I was so so so so SOOO cold...and I think I have learnt my lesson...winter is still here and it's really cold outside...I am cold!!

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